New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers on September 1st 2016

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Below you will find all the solutions to New York Times Crossword from September 1st 2016.

September 1st 2016 Answers

Clue Solution
___ out (email list selection) OPT
“Chill …” EASY
“Oh gawd!” UGH
“The Hunger Games” universe e.g. DYSTOPIA
2012 comedy with a talking bear TED
AC/DC single with the lyric “watch me explode” TNT
Actor Wilson OWEN
Adventure ODYSSEY
Bank robber Willie who co-wrote “Where the Money Was” SUTTON
Beat (out) EDGE
Best-selling author who was a neighbor of Twain in Hartford STOWE
Blowup: Abbr. ENL
Bonobos e.g. APES
Cause of some allergy flare-ups RAGWEED
Certain navels OUTIES
Certain pair in bridge TENACE
Channel for college sports ESPNU
Cher or Dolly Parton e.g. ICON
Chinese money YUAN
Cover … or cover ___ SHEET
Dined watching Netflix say ATEIN
Ending of many a firm’s name SONS
Ending with metal or mal- WARE
Fabricate FAKE
Fatty tuna part at a sushi restaurant TORO
Final authority SAYSO
Forensic material DNA
Get more mileage out of REUSE
Going on and on … and on OVERLONG
Having a variable identity as suggested by four squares in this puzzle GENDERFLUID
Holistic spiritual movement NEWAGE
Hyundai model with a lot of horsepower? EQUUS
Inits. on a car sticker EPA
It’s combined at the beginning FIX
Kitsch e.g. LOWART
Laborious process SLOG
Lie on a beach SUN
Lock fixer? GEL
Lucy Lawless role XENA
Mamet play inspired by the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings OLEANNA
Mettle SPUNK
Middle name of the inventor of the electrographic vote recorder ALVA
Music producer Brian ENO
Narwhal features TUSKS
Neighbors of Longhorns SOONERS
Not just any THE
Not straight WRY
Nuyorican music legend Tito PUENTE
Old channel with country music videos TNN
Old-seeming FUSTY
One “in love” in a 1959 top 5 hit TEENAGER
Pac-12 athlete UTE
Part of a house ROOM
Part of L.G.B.T.Q. QUEER
Patriotic chant USAUSA
Play (with) TOY
Poet who wrote of Beatrice DANTE
Reveal a secret say FESSUP
Right on the map EAST
Roar producer SURF
Run off in a way XEROX
Score amts. PTS
Sight ___ GAG
Snake’s place partly OREGON
Soul producer KIA
Steamy place SAUNA
Tech expert as it were GEEK
Topic to ask a fortuneteller about FATE
Tough stuff to walk through FIRE
Turf SOD
Tuscan city famous for horse races SIENA
Undivided ENTIRE
Unleash as havoc WREAK
Word that can precede sex SAME

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