Eugene Sheffer Crossword Puzzle Answers on June 2nd 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to Eugene Sheffer June 2nd 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

June 2nd 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
Bikini top BRA
Suitable APT
Despots TSARS
Felon’s flight LAM
Hosp. scan MRI
Pizzazz OOMPH
Altar affirmative IDO
Period between wars PEACETIME
Uncle (Sp.) TIO
Ganges garments SARIS
Galvanizing matter ZINC
Purring pet CAT
Blue hue AQUA
Fan’s cry RAH
Dairy case buy YOGURT
Office mail holder INBOX
West Point freshman PLEBE
Delphi figure ORACLE
Paris summer ETE
Unfavorable votes NAYS
Proof letters QED
Larger — life THAN
Mentors GURUS
— tree UPA
Watch, e.g. TIMEPIECE
Distant FAR
Musical set in Argentina EVITA
Bee follower CEE
TV watchdog org. FCC
Plano’s state TEXAS
"For shame!" TSK
"Of course" YES
Barrage BLITZ
Spokes RADII
"— for the Misbegotten" AMOON
Band boosters AMPS
Sermonize PREACH
Pageant topper TIARA
Low digits TOES
Drunkard SOT
"— Blue?" AMI
Spinning abbr. RPM
That lady SHE
Metropolis CITY
Gators’ kin CROCS
Shoelace tip AGLET
"— Sera, Sera" QUE
City area, for short URB
Consumed ATE
Rocker Rose AXL
Choose OPT
Charged bit ION
Gun lobby org. NRA
Inlet BAY
Draws out EDUCES
Upright ERECT
Taking offense HUFFY
Quickly APACE
Dealer’s foes NARCS
Transcript stats GPAS
Hunt for SEEK
Asian holiday TET
"— had it!" IVE
Blend MIX
Greek H ETA

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