News Day Crossword Puzzle Answers on June 11th 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to News Day June 11th 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

June 11th 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
’70s vice president AGNEW
Chew like a rodent GNAW
Alternative to corn syrup SUGAR
”Enough already!” OKOK
Show clearly PROVE
Alternatively ELSE
Associate of Sulu and Chekov UHURA
’90s vice president GORE
Possible crime scene evidence TIRETRACKS
Bully, at times NAMECALLER
Disney film franchise STARWARS
Donut shape TORUS
Key of Beethoven’s fifth CMINOR
Talks too much YAPS
”Tasmanian” beast DEVIL
Timely blessing BOON
Make merry CAVORT
Script dialogue LINES
Stretch out ELONGATE
Unrivaled ALONE
Clairvoyant ability MINDREADING
AMA members DRS
Roomy bag TOTE
Newborn BABE
Anchor-store department MENS
57 Down predecessors PDAS
”Evita” narrator CHE
Madame Tussaud MARIE
Mexican ranch HACIENDA
Is worried FRETS
Special Forces wear BERETS
Newspaper essays OPEDS
”Elder” Roman historian PLINY
Ballet leaps JETES
Troop groups SQUADS
Orchestral section BRASS
One of the Channel Islands GUERNSEY
Clipper crew HANDS
Drying device CLOTHESLINE
Dude BRO
Picnic intruders ANTS
Demolish RUIN
Shade of purple PUCE
Explorer for George III COOK
FDR’s European commander DDE
What a teacher’s tenure provides JOBSECURITY
Light source for digital clocks DIODE
What hoops may hang from EARLOBES
Initiates OPENS
Indiana Jones phobia SNAKES
New England Ivy Leaguers ELIS
20 fivers CNOTE
Scandinavian sedan SAAB
Candidate of 2008 MCCAIN
Director Boyle DANNY
Apt to topple UNSTABLE
Most significant MAIN
Where the elated walk ONAIR
”Allure” alternative ELLE
Publicity gambit STUNT
Absorbs, with ”up” SOPS
Just now NEWLY
Exchange quips SPAR
Edible sample TASTE
Rms. for rent APTS
Substance on sandpaper GRIT
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
The brain, in computerese WETWARE
Racing bike selections GEARS
MLB semifinal NLCS
Set as a price ASK
London’s Broadway WESTEND
First light SUNRISE
Ryder rival UHAUL
Grocery checkout display GUMS
Equals ARE
Masked mammals RACCOONS
Making eyes at OGLING
City on the Rhein KOLN
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient OREO
”The King and I” actress KERR
Riveted with attention RAPT
Included with AMONG
Spanning OVER
Restaurant, or its patron DINER
Gawdy jewelry BLING
Hidden downside CATCH
Luau greeting ALOHA
Election official VOTECOUNTER
Scales in the sky LIBRA
Utopias EDENS
Email listing ADDRESSBOOK
Genetic attribute TRAIT
Outskirts of Sioux Falls ESSES
”12 Days of Christmas” octet MAIDS
Goodwill AMITY
Musical battlers BANDS
) or (, for short PAREN
Takes seriously HEEDS
Key next to G AFLAT
Like leprechauns IRISH
Feel the presence of SENSE
Canadian length measure METRE
Modern class-notes holders IPADS
Couturier Geoffrey BEENE
Disposed (to) PRONE
Succulent JUICY
Elm by-product SHADE
Press session, for short QANDA
Supreme joy BLISS
Overstuffs GLUTS
Eat into ERODE
Oxen harnesses YOKES
Forms of 10 Across CUBES
Porcupine quill SPINE
Dodger Hall of Famer ROBINSON
Italian bread CIABATTA
”Maleficent” star JOLIE
Actor who was knighted kilt-clad in 2000 CONNERY
In the know about UPON
Confirms, as a password RETYPES
Crime lab procedure DNATEST
Ascertains LEARNS
Fresh talk SASS
Be a carper CAVIL
Show scorn SNEER
May honorees MOMS
Bolognese bye-bye CIAO
Reusable fastener CLIP
No-win result DRAW
Sch. near Beverly Hills UCLA
A/C capacity measures BTUS
Mardi Gras follower LENT
Russian-born artist ERTE
Compass reading ENE
Where edelweiss may be found ALP

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