Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle Answers on June 18th 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to Mirror Classic June 18th 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

June 18th 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
Container for growing flowers PLANTER
Short high-pitched signal BLEEP
Egress EXIT
Against VERSUS
Smaller number of FEWER
Electric razor SHAVER
Perceive with the ears HEAR
Manservant VALET
Gather together ROUNDUP
Creature lacking a backbone INVERTEBRATE
Form of neuralgia SCIATICA
Make as one UNITE
Tempest STORM
Drinking glass TUMBLER
Eyelid swelling STYE
Restricting freedom by the use of force REPRESSIVE
Punctuation mark APOSTROPHE
For every PER
Animal doctor VET
Motorcycle sport SPEEDWAY
Use a pen WRITE
Cuban dance RUMBA
Touch down LAND

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