Washington Post Crossword Puzzle Answers on June 21st 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to Washington Post June 21st 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

June 21st 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
Scottish group clan
Is mistaken errs
Made believe pretended
Spud bud eye
Amulet talisman
Bakery worker icer
Deletes erases
Leased car rental
Car style sedan
Marry clandestinely elope
Daisy’s kin aster
Ogles leers
Plant life flora
NJ time zone est
Kind of bread rye
Recipe measures (abbr.) tsps
Racetrack fence rail
Novelist ____ Rice anne
School org. pta
Helper assistant
Ms. Hayworth rita
Jog trot
That woman’s hers
Makes bigger enlarges
Climb scale
____ Diego san
Pitcher’s stat era
Nasal sounds snorts
African desert sahara
Bangor’s state maine
Directional symbol arrow
Keaton or Sawyer diane
Fertile spots oases
Afresh anew
Mound hill
Length times width area
Toddlers tots
Espionage org. cia
Craze rage
Layer tier
Close securely seal
Moe and Curly’s pal larry
Farm unit acre
In addition else
Concur agree
Not fatty lean
Love foolishly dote
Wren’s home nest
Foremost first
Copycat aper
Slippery creatures eels
Money makers earners
Window above a door transom
Cunning sly
Golf hazard (2 wds.) sandtrap
Our planet earth
Cone-bearing tree pine
Stakes antes
King’s title sire
Winter toys sleds
Forefather ancestor
Donkey ass
Lassos lariats
Singer with one name madonna
Woeful word alas
Diva’s specialty aria
Chicago’s airport ohare
"All ____ Jazz" that
Retirement accounts (abbr.) iras
Chimed rang
Nile city cairo
Zilch none
Birch or spruce tree
Small bay inlet
Flock mamas ewes
Carpenters’ tools saws
Book of maps atlas
French pancake crepe

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