Evening Standard Easy Crossword Puzzle Answers on June 22nd 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to Evening Standard Easy June 22nd 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

June 22nd 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
Evaluate ASSESS
Women’s underwear LINGERIE
Hand covering GLOVE
Tramp HOBO
Abominable snowman YETI
Faucets TAPS
Favourite PET
Bearing GAIT
Muslim ruler EMIR
Instruction DIRECTION
Hand part PALM
Month MAY
Unlock OPEN
Snare TRAP
Prosecutes SUES
German motorway AUTOBAHN
Destructive person VANDAL
Lament ELEGY
Gold bar INGOT
This place HERE
Greek author AESOP
Card game SOLO
Short fall of rain SHOWER
Descend by rope ABSEIL
Limb LEG
All-night watch VIGIL
Emerges from an egg HATCHES
Draw TIE
Narrow brooch PIN
Protective covering ARMOUR
Short saying MOTTO
24 hours DAY
Brown TAN
Oriental temple PAGODA
Used to be WAS
Of the foot PEDAL
Competitor RIVAL
Small coin PENNY
Beach grains SAND
Inert gas NEON

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