News Day Crossword Puzzle Answers on July 2nd 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to News Day July 2nd 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

July 2nd 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
Navigational hazards REEFS
Generic dog FIDO
Dirty dog LOUSE
Telltale sign ODOR
Speak highly of EXALT
Devoid of moisture ARID
Playful stunt ANTIC
Think positively HOPE
Encamped, as an army BIVOUACKED
Element #106 SEABORGIUM
Stabilizes STEADIES
Old Testament prophet MICAH
Foot, so to speak TOOTSY
Encampment setup TENT
Within the rules LEGAL
__-chef (restaurant assistant) SOUS
Upward journey ASCENT
Discussion group PANEL
Lefty boxer SOUTHPAW
Navigational reference CHART
Gilbert Stuart specialty PORTRAITURE
Former NBC owner RCA
Evidence of debts IOUS
Griffin of game shows MERV
”Rolling” or ”bowling” things PINS
Comes into GETS
NZ or US money DOL
Descriptor for Dalí MUSTACHIOED
Within the rules LICIT
74 Down wear SKIMASKS
Cape Town coins RANDS
Desert near Las Vegas MOJAVE
Sound effects, in film talk FOLEY
Renoir contemporary DEGAS
What the ten longest answers have in common AEIOU
White Rabbit’s lament IMLATE
Nation divided in 2011 SUDAN
Musical comedy precursor OPERETTA
Glaswegians, e.g. SCOTS
Summer Games org. IOC
Some Autobahn autos BMWS
Executive department VIP SECY
On sale LESS
”Daily Show” host NOAH
Ending for glob ULE
Injection adjective INTRAVENOUS
Perception faculty SENSE
Den device TVREMOTE
Knocked for __ ALOOP
Detonations BLASTS
”Even __ speak” ASWE
Problem-free ALLOK
Antonym of 34 Across DROP
Guru’s retreat ASHRAM
Very strange ALIEN
Crustless quiche FRITTATA
Outer limits BOUNDARIES
Parrot’s pad CAGE
Fill the bill SERVE
Emoción romántica AMOR
Hold dear ADORE
Accelerated SPED
Return mail encs. SASES
Meryl Streep alma mater YALE
Chills out RESTS
Some Civil War soldiers REBS
Walk offstage EXIT
Icicle locale EAVE
Versatile employees FLOATERS
One in class STUDENT
Aspect FACET
Drives up the wall IRKS
Rolling cube DIE
”Otello” premiered there LASCALA
NBA great known for his ”Attaq” ONEAL
Nevada neighbor UTAH
Family member SIB
Environmentalists’ excursions ECOTOURS
”Holy cow!” OHGOSH
Encouraging words DOIT
Numbered work OPUS
Rat in ”Ratatouille” REMY
Nonstandard negative AINT
Pathway ROUTE
Disney head IGER
Caterpillar, for instance LARVA
Logical SOUND
Low-pH liquids ACIDS
Tottered SHOOK
Broccoli’s close kin CAULIFLOWER
Cities with piers PORTS
Farm pens STIES
Sensible safeguards PRECAUTIONS
Part of a long play ACTIV
Fail to utilize WASTE
Annoying PESKY
Apple music players IPODS
Many a Paris tourist attraction MUSEE
The first action figure GIJOE
Soda shop drinks MALTS
Basic belief CREDO
Comics Viking HAGAR
__ out (not consistent) INAND
French wine valley LOIRE
Defensive ditches MOATS
Sits down with MEETS
Presidential nickname DUBYA
What an opt-outer takes APASS
”Life __ a dream” ISBUT
Letters at the end of ”Rebel Without a Cause” MCMLV
A Bolivian capital SUCRE
Slightly ahead ONEUP
Banquet ritual TOAST
Dull discomforts ACHES
Seven, in Sicily SETTE
”What do __ like, your butler?” ILOOK
Colorado resort SNOWMASS
Sort of sea current NEAPTIDE
Mopey comment IMSAD
Traveling bags VALISES
French fashion mag ELLE
Toy racer SLOTCAR
Duly obtained EARNED
Creamy cheese BRIE
Tylenol rival ALEVE
Big name in rap DRDRE
Things learned first ABCS
Something sold in bars SOAP
Ginormous HUGE
Hangs out to dry AIRS
Jester FOOL
Old Testament prophet AMOS
Wonderland dessert TART
Merry Men refreshments ALES
Irish actor Stephen REA
Ulla in ”The Producers” UMA

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