Premier Sunday Crossword Puzzle Answers on July 16th 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to Premier Sunday July 16th 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

July 16th 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
Letters with twists ESSES
"For want of — the horse was lost" ASHOE
"Fernando" quartet ABBA
Tax-deferred svgs. plans IRAS
Not express, as a train LOCAL
Daring feat STUNT
Briny expanses SEAS
Roman historian LIVY
Start of a riddle IFASEASONED
Back talk SASS
Caustic compounds LYES
"Silkwood" star Meryl STREEP
Hail, mostly ICE
Papier- — MACHE
IPod option NANO
700, to 22-Across DCC
— -Julie, Que. STE
Morays and congers EELS
Lays away STASHES
Momentous stretches ERAS
"Silence!" HUSH
Skinny SLIM
Six-pt. scores TDS
One of Isaac’s twins ESAU
Prenatal exam, briefly AMNIO
"I’m so hungry I could — horse!" EATA
J.D. Salinger title girl ESME
Old Russian overlords TSARS
Movie house, in Spanish TEATRO
Moreno of movies RITA
Moo — pork SHU
Rural tract LEA
Jackie O’s Onassis ARI
Feel lousy AIL
— Alto, California PALO
Old — (Disney dog) YELLER
Ridge on a fingerprint WHORL
— mater ALMA
Gilbert of "Roseanne" SARA
Go away LEAVE
Individual LONE
Sothern of "Blind Date" ANN
"Nuts!" DARN
"Scat, cat!" SHOO
Email button SEND
Flashy keyboard composition TOCCATA
Ruess of the band Fun NATE
German city where Einstein was born ULM
Real mess STY
Prefix with presence OMNI
Shutter parts SLATS
— de plume NOM
Privy to the plot INONIT
City in Texas WACO
El — (city in Texas) PASO
Riddle’s answer RICEPEELOFF
"Son of —!" AGUN
Kuwaiti, e.g. ARAB
— Lodge motels ECONO
Fashion’s Oscar de la — RENTA
Deep wishes YENS
Parcel (out) METE
Bar seat STOOL
Students at Yale ELIS
Cushiony SOFT
Injury vestige SCAR
Loosens up EASES
Rains down cold pellets SLEETS
Stubborn quadruped ASS
Unemotional STOIC
Intuitive feeling HUNCH
Cyclops’ facial feature ONEEYE
Sched. guess ETD
Lee Harvey Oswald and others ASSASSINS
Shore area BEACH
Big parties BASHES
Infirmities ILLNESSES
Capital of Saudi Arabia RIYADH
Broad road AVENUE
B-board admins SYSOPS
Indifference APATHY
"Thoroughly Modern —" MILLIE
Don’t throw away, maybe REUSE
Study fixture DESK
The old man DAD
Trim, as meat DEFAT
Perjury, e.g. CRIME
Pink flower CARNATION
Actress Jaclyn SMITH
Initiate START
"Begin the tune!" HITIT
"Get Shorty" studio MGM
Parent of Maybelline LOREAL
Roman orator CATO
Musician John TESH
Habitats for brine shrimp SALTLAKES
Live ARE
USSR’s Cold War rival USA
Mississippi city TUPELO
Far Eastern sash OBI
Gig gear AMP
"Over here!" HEY
Kingly name in Norway OLAF
Oven for drying hops OAST
Weak spots FLAWS
Shul text TORAH
Butter alternatives OLEOS
Piercing tool AWL
Pi-sigma link RHO
Occurrence EVENT
"Angie Baby" singer Helen REDDY
Knee jerks, e.g. REACTIONS
British "Inc." LTD
Orderly groupings ARRAYS
Nary — (no one) ASOUL
Serving to block junk email ANTISPAM
Obsessed by INTO
Sheltie relative COLLIE
Hanoi’s home, briefly NAM
Having give-and-take TWOWAY
Measure of resistance OHMAGE
Mexican resort on the Yucatán CANCUN
Blindingly bright AGLARE
One of JFK’s sisters EUNICE
Coal diggers MINERS
Tears into HASAT
Chocolate quaff COCOA
Church cries AMENS
Flat rental sign TOLET
Taboo deed NONO
"… as — say …" IFTO
Popular cookware brand TFAL
"Parks and —" (NBC series, for short) REC
"The Raven" poet POE

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