Premier Sunday Crossword Puzzle Answers on July 30th 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to Premier Sunday July 30th 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

July 30th 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
Warlocks WIZARDS
Missus’ counterparts HUBBIES
Impetus SPARK
Sinister look EVILEYE
Is an affront to OFFENDS
Castro, e.g. CUBAN
First page in a news magazine? BEGINNINGOFTIME
Pee Wee of old baseball REESE
Bewilder DAZE
Starchy pudding foodstuff SAGO
Give fizz to AERATE
QED’s center ERAT
Auto variety SEDAN
Have no subscription to a humor magazine? DONTGETMAD
Otter relative FERRET
Apple variety FUJI
"Hawaii Five-O" nickname DANNO
Business magazine shared by a mother, a father and their kids? FAMILYFORTUNE
Resin used in adhesives EPOXY
Heady quaff ALE
Snitch TELL
Novelist, e.g. WRITER
Garr of the screen TERI
Billy Joel’s "— It Goes" ANDSO
Trailways fleet unit BUS
Small bay COVE
Classic Fords EDSELS
"I demand to see that financial magazine!"? SHOWMETHEMONEY
"You — kiddin’!" AINT
Pen-filled attraction ZOO
Saintly ring HALO
Celebrity magazine that’s not a special issue? ORDINARYPEOPLE
Diminished ABATED
Old salts TARS
— carte menu ALA
Firetruck noise SIREN
Eat supper DINE
Hence ERGO
"Sheesh!" MAN
Artist Max ERNST
Started to wake STIRRED
Inherit a fashion magazine? COMEINTOVOGUE
Concerning the kidneys RENAL
Rainbow flag initialism LGBT
Carpenter’s gun, perhaps NAILER
Post-it stuck in a page of a wellness magazine? NOTETOSELF
Back of a 45 record BSIDE
Harper of "Far North" TESS
First game of the season OPENER
Artsy NYC district SOHO
Pilaf base RICE
Ties together BINDS
Drop a health magazine in a filled bathtub? FLOODPREVENTION
Map feature INSET
Having two complete chromosome sets DIPLOID
Pyrenees principality ANDORRA
Prescient types SEERS
Has ill will for RESENTS
Pays a visit STOPSBY
Fly trapper WEB
"— been there" IVE
First of two sharp turns ZIG
Former ring king ALI
Tear apart REND
Ruling house DYNASTY
Capture SEIZE
Sty resident HOG
Aliens’ ship UFO
Closest buds, briefly BFFS
Antiseptic solution brand BETADINE
British architect Jones INIGO
Astronomer Halley EDMOND
Cleveland-to-Akron dir. SSE
Many a TSA employee SCREENER
Its capital is San Juan PUERTORICO
At right angles to the keel ABEAM
Haile Selassie disciple, informally RASTA
Jabbed with a bent leg KNEED
Novelist Buntline NED
Nixon’s veep Spiro AGNEW
Lacking vigor EFFETE
Got as profit REAPED
Knight suits ARMORS
Friend of Alice Kramden TRIXIE
In a new way AFRESH
Trail mix bit NUT
Faucet TAP
Actor Ron ELY
Stick (out) JUT
Engine part FAN
Antiquated OLDSTYLE
Dresden’s river ELBE
"Bring —!" ITON
Campbell of the screen NEVE
— Poupon GREY
Certain Christian LUTHERAN
Laos’ home ASIA
Be seepy OOZE
— Na Na SHA
Shared PC system LAN
Wine and dine, maybe WOO
Janitors’ tools MOPS
Flair ELAN
Unruly bunch MOB
Gun lobbyists’ gp. NRA
Great Plains natives OTOS
Have a hissy RANT
Eins, zwei, — … DREI
"OK, you win!" ISURRENDER
Picnic place, in Paris PARC
Ceilings LIMITS
Not clumsy ADROIT
Prickly feeling TINGLE
Follows as a result ENSUES
Hinders DETERS
Penlight-wielding doc ENT
Advance exams PRETESTS
Madrid Mr. SENOR
Links target GOLFHOLE
Texter’s "Yowza!" OMG
Longoria of the screen EVA
"— Kapital" DAS
Diminish EBB
Minimal bit of cash ONECENT
Nielsen of "Airplane!" LESLIE
"Ora pro —" NOBIS
Share a view OPINE
Jittery TENSE
Purls, e.g. LOOPS
Deep anger IRE
Aria queens DIVAS
Have way too much, for short ODON
Prefix with spore ENDO
Prez on a dime FDR
Quarry PIT
Places for forks: Abbr. RDS
Best TOP
CPA hirer IRS
Sky sphere ORB
Call of dissent NAY

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