New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers on August 6th 2017

Welcome to Crossword Puzzle Answers. Our website is dedicated to Crossword Answers. We solve all the clues from publishers such as New York Times, LA Times, USA Today etc. Since you arrived at this particular page you are looking for the answer to New York Times August 6th 2017 Crossword Clues so without wasting your time here are all the solutions.

August 6th 2017 Answers

Clue Solution
Kick in ADD
Struggle VIE
Ambitiously sought ASPIREDTO
Noninvasive medical procedures SCANS
Flashlight : U.S. :: ___ : U.K. TORCH
Consequential BIG
Addis ___ ABABA
Lookout point HILLTOP
"You Send Me" singer, 1957 COOKE
Coffee holder URN
Works on as a cobbler might RESOLES
Libertarian pundit Neal BOORTZ
Head honcho NUMEROUNO
It may end on a high note ARIA
D.C.’s National ___ MALL
Chicago-based fraternal order ELKS
Mezzanine access STAIRS
They hang around the rain forest SLOTHS
Return from a trip to the Alps? ECHO
Pharma watchdog FDA
Surveillance aid SPYCAM
Coat in a cote WOOL
Longtime retailer hurt by Amazon SEARS
Coverage provider? APPAREL
Femme’s title MADAME
Choice for an online gamer AVATAR
Star of "Kinsey," 2004 NEESON
Is downright terrible SUCKS
Actress T�a LEONI
Beauty GEM
Under goer? SUB
Biathletes do it SKI
Uncreative creation REHASH
Forming spiral patterns SWIRLY
Holy Week follower EASTER
___ State (Alabama’s nickname) COTTON
Measure of purity KARAT
Cheer with an accent OLE
"___: A Love Story" (1998 George Burns book) GRACIE
Like soubise sauce ONIONY
Coat of arms element BANNER
Flock female EWE
Vogue or Elle MONTHLY
Ehrich ___ a.k.a. Houdini WEISS
Chops up DICES
Elephant ___ (pastry) EAR
It may help remove a curse TAPEDELAY
Hold an assembly SIT
Revival movement prefix NEO
Not mainstream NICHE
Bellyacher GROUCH
Quits, informally HANGSITUP
Nonsensical talk TRIPE
Prep for a match SPAR
Dilapidated dwelling RATTRAP
Manhandles, with "up" ROUGHS
Like the Gemini flights ORBITAL
Way out EGRESS
Wares at fairs CRAFTS
"Around the World in 80 Days" protagonist FOGG
Nonpermanent sculpture medium ICE
Flower with rays DAISY
Vichyssoise vegetables LEEKS
Single UNWED
Dialect of Arabic IRAQI
Entry ticket PASS
Iridescent stone OPAL
Women’s Open org. LPGA
Go astray ERR
Roulette bet RED
Cool, in the ’40s HEP
Roguish SLY
"Cease!," on the seas AVAST
"What nonsense!" BAH
Walk on the edge? CURB
Luminary NAME
Clubs with strobes DISCOS
Hieroglyphic bird IBIS
___ O’s (chocolaty cereal brand) OREO
Asian territory in the game Risk URAL
Roll out DEPART
Sailing vessels that Cap’n Crunch might commandeer? GALLEONSOFMILK
Cuzco builders INCAS
Tetris piece BLOCK
Testing times ORDEALS
Heavily armored vessels getting married? WARSHIPSATTHEALTAR
Smelter input ORE
Whiskey distiller’s supply RYE
"The plot thickens!" OHO
Candy in collectible containers PEZ
Mideast monarchy OMAN
Numbers on right-hand pages ODDS
Resells ruthlessly SCALPS
Speaker on a car’s dash GPS
Polished SUAVE
Fruit mentioned in the "Odyssey" LOTUS
Equal ARE
Actor Stephen REA
Split, e.g. SUNDAE
Kids’ game in which small vessels attack each other? ROCKEMSOCKEMROWBOATS
Rio maker KIA
Flood survivor NOAH
___ Gold, chief of staff on "The Good Wife" ELI
Often-quoted chairman MAO
A large amount GOBS
Fishing vessel that can pull only half a net behind it? SEMITRAWLER
Bruce of "The Hateful Eight" DERN
Messenger ___ RNA
Rare craps roll TWO
Incapacitate, in a way TASE
Growth ring? LEI
Recreational vessel that’s never left the harbor? AINTSEENNOTHINGYACHT
1997 action film set on a plane CONAIR
X amount TEN
Isaac Newton, e.g. SIR
Brings up REARS
Bad at one’s job INEPT
P, to Pythagoras RHO
Revolver, in Roaring Twenties slang ROSCOE
Use scissors on SNIP
Governess at Thornfield EYRE
Berkeley institution, briefly CAL
In place of FOR
It brings people together HUG
No. of interest to some recruiters GPA
Luxury vessel with a pair of decks, both of which need swabbing? DIRTYDOUBLECRUISER
Malodorous mammal POLECAT
A&M athlete AGGIE
Matisse who painted "La Danse" HENRI
Cargo vessel full of iPads? APPLEFREIGHTER
Mown strips SWATHS
"Game of Thrones," e.g. SAGA
Blackens TARS
Staple of Shinto rituals SAKE
Second story? SEQUEL
Rub out SLAY
Not needing a cane, maybe SPRY
Deadhead’s hits? LSD
Foolish DIPPY

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